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a domestic and international awarded manufacturer of anti-bedsore- systems in Bochum, Germany

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The number of corona experts in the public seems to increase daily. The number of different opinions, recommendations and, in our opinion, the insecurity of the population is increasing as well. The topic of Corona MUST not divide the population! People need cohesion and strengthening by other people in this time! We will not participate in these discussions and expressions of opinion. For you, we will focus on what we do best, namely helping you as best we can. We can only focus on what we can control and change, on what we can influence. Nothing else makes sense.

Therefore we offer you solutions. The decision whether to accept the solution or not is entirely up to you!

Please stay healthy, please stay calm!
Birger Nispel
Managing Director AirMed PLUS GmbH

Full body protective suit with hood: The goods are ready for shipment! We reserve the right to give preference to professional groups who urgently need this protective equipment for the performance of their work, or to dealers who supply these groups of people. We ask for your understanding!

German product. Protective suit with CE mark for personal protective equipment of category three. Full body protective suit type 5 PB EN ISO 13982-1:2002 and type 6 PB EN 13034: 2002 Protection against chemical particles and limited splashes. Antistatic treatment for protection according to DIN 1149-5. Particle test inside and fog spray test passed. Truetec material (for performance profile see instruction manual/photo).

AirMed PLUS GmbH was founded in 2009 in Bochum by the Dipl. Ing. and patent holder Birger Nispel, who had bedsore experiences since 1993. After his study of „biomedical technology and science“ he wanted to make his vision come true: to help people who are in need and to improve the treatment situation by better and more efficient working devices. Knowing, that the number of caretakers and nurses is permanently decreasing compared to the increasing numbers of patients and elderly people who are going to be reliant to a good treatment. Caretakers time per bed sore shall be reduced, as well as the pain and the duration of this horrible situation for the patient. He regret from the worldwide theory to improve the health care situation, by saving costs due to purchasing cheap devices designed for winning tenders by lowest chasing costs. Saved money is not able to treat a patient! Only improved devices together with a good skilled operator is able to improve healthcare situation. In this way, this is Nispel’s opinion, a thousandfold amount of money each year can be saved compared to the hundredfold of purchase-savings one time.
In this way, he and his partner team Hydrotechnik GmbH, one of the worldwide leading companies for pressure measurement and pressure measuring, developed „ADS series“ with outstanding results in pressure relief and noise reduction. Nispel’s vision becomes more and more true.

In the mean time, AirMed Plus is a multiple awarded manufacturer of anti-bedsore-systems for therapy and prophylaxis. The company practices R&D and is located in Germany. The strength of the company is the forceful implementation of the scientifically results and demands of NPUAP (US-National Pressure Ulcer Advisory Panel) und EPUAP (European Pressure Ulcer Advisory Panel). Our products, the „ADS“ family, are designed for treatment success and are therefore as quiet as possible during operation and have special features such as a proven pressure relief class (e.g. class „H“ for ADS clinic). For export-business,  our customers are wholesalers and distributors of medical devices who sell to hospitals, elderly- and nursery homes, pharmacies, health care insurances, consumer (b2c-business), home care companies.

CEO Birger Nispel, picture by Jörg Linden chamber of commerce „Mittleres Ruhrgebiet“

ADS basic

The entry-level unit, 3-way alternating pressure system
and manual pressure control

ADS eco

The device with 3-way system,
static soft bearing,
Alternating pressure operation, power failure, mattress replacement system, for export only

ADS clinic

The innovative device with 3-chamber alternating pressure system and active pressure control, highest pressure relief class, lowest noise emission (26 dB), key lock, with patient support system, mattress replacement system, bariatric patient support, 120 cm wide patient support, cell-in-cell system, well over 15,000 treatments – our bestseller, the most sold system!

Our Bestseller!

More than 15.000 Treatments!

ADS intelligent

ADSi measures the rest-mobility of the patient lying onto the mattress and records the data of movement. If there is no movement detected, ADSi can react directly to the patient to avoid bedsore- ulceras. ADS i treats the patient 24 hours/7 days a week, even in night time and can have influence particulary to repositioning. Recorded data are helpful for monitoring the treatment, too.

Company Introduction Video

Please find here our brief company introduction video which we want to use to give you a few information’s about our technology and also some background information. This video is especially made for dealers and distributors to get a first look. Please focus on the content mainly.

„When you are not able to sell it, it isn’t worth anything!“ – this is one of Nispel’s experiences. For international market we understand that our success is only possible when the distributor has success. The market seems to be hard everywhere. „Hard“, what does it mean? It means, that there are a lot of competitors in the so-called „push market“ who offer their devices mainly by talking about the characteristics of a device instead of the benefits, balancing theire lack of sals skills by reducing the price of the device.

Our successful distributors join a permanent, frequently repeated training in sales skills, objection handling, negotiation, argumentation, neuro- psychology- strategy, storytelling, acquisition techniques etc.. This training is for free. We collected experiences over nearly 30 years, which costed us several hundred thousand euros. We share this knowledge with our distributors now, because we want to make them successful. When they are successful, we are successful, too.

The result is, that our distributors, become more and more successful in total. The reason is, that they use their skills also to send devices different to ADS series. For us, the relationship is most important. Business success will come automatically by its own, you to our convincing technology and also by our lived vision, to help other people! We strongly believe, that this what you give to the universe will return to you, sooner or later, maybe on a different place by different people, but it will return to you definitely!