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Vice Gouvernor Mr. HATA visits AirMed PLUS GmbH

Japanese Prefecture Fukushima Delegation

AirMes PLUS has been invited to JAPAN for the second time

AirMed PLUS GmbH has been invited to JAPAN, Fukushima Prefecture for the second time. The business trip has been happened from 8th till 14th of November 2015. For us it is a great honour to paricipate agian and shows the great bilateral success of AirMed PLUS GmbH and several JAPANESE companies.

Meeting Governer Masao UCHIBORI san in Fukushima City

AirMed PLUS was Invited to Fukushima Prefecture, Japan

AirMed PLUS GmbH as an exhibitor at MEDICA is a manufacturer of the intelligent Anti-Bedsore-System "ADSi", the result of a research and development-project under the direction of the Startup-company AirMed PLUS GmbH founded in 2009 (Bochum). The "ADSi" is the worlds first system, which gives an excellent pressure relief to the patient, combined with measuring the mobility and a lack of mobility as well as it records the data and prepares them for a read out by a USP port. Therefore the efficiency of treatment on bedsore wounds shell increase in a huge way.

AirMed PLUS GmbH has presented this product in Japan on the "Medical Creation" in Koriyama on the prefection Fukushima. First contacts to Japan companies were build in 2013.
This possibility was enabled by the so-called "Regional Industry Tie-up program" (RIT).
Since April 2013, the prefection Fukushima and the country Northrine Westfalia on the field of Medical Industry took place in this program. Since beginning April 2013 the NRW minister of economy, Mr. Garrelt Duin, and Vice Governor of the prefection Fukushima, Mr. Fumio Murata, signed up a "Memorandum of Understanding" in Dsseldorf, to expand the purpose of collaboration. This journey from 27th of October to 02nd of November was organised by the external trade organization JETRO as an institution of the Japanese government, which is a part of the Ministry of Economy.
The prefection of Fukushima is within Japan one of the leading perfections of Medical Industry and proudly announce to be the fifths biggest one of 47 Japanese prefections.
"This is not only an excellent chance to show, which kind of innovations of medicine devices comes from NRW, than rather a possibility to strengthen the trade relations between Germany and Japan.", so CEO Birger Nispel, head of AirMed PLUS GmbH who is very happy about the attendance of this voyage.

(picture above invited group to Fukushima prefecture, from the left: Mr. Uwe Seidel (CEO SNAP GmbH), Mr. Dr. Heinz Werner Henke (CEO ITP GmbH), Vice Governor Fumio Murata, Mr. Birger Nispel (CEO AirMed PLUS GmbH), Mr. Shigeoka (Chief Director, Jetro Fukushima), Mr. Georg Löer (President NRW Japan K.K.))

Meeting With Vice Governor Murata of Fukushima Prefecture


AirMed PLUS GmbH presented the "ADS intelligent" at the joint booth of North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW) at MEDICA 2013 . The picture showes CEO of AirMed PLUS, Mr. Birger Nispel,who demonstrates the innovative "ADS intelligent", a medical product to fight against bed sore ulceras,  to NRW-Minister for Economic Affairs, Mr. Garrelt Duin. 

"Medical engineering is a very innovative brache. Medical improvements are big values and advantages for patients and for our industrial location. At MEDICA, both becomes very apparent.", so Mr. Duin. 

Mr. Garrelt Duin, Minister for Economic Affairs, and AirMed PLUS CEO Mr. Birger Nispel (right)

European Congress on Innovation Okt. in Gent...

AirMed PLUS is participating as an exhibitor and speaker at international conference "European Congress on Innovation in Textiles for Health Care" at 10th and 11th of October in Gent, Belgium.

ADS intelligent

Axel Schäfer, Member of German Federal Parliament, visits AirMed PLUS

Mr. Axel Schäfer, (Member of the German Federal Parliament, SPD, on the right side of the picture) is being introduced into the brand new “ADS intelligent” of AirMed PLUS GmbH by its general manager Mr. Birger Nispel. The „ADS intelligent” is the result of a joint R&D-project together with the Institute of Smart Textiles (ITA) by the University of Aachen, Department of Nursing Sciences by the University Witten Herdecke and Hydrotechnic electronics GmbH. This R&D-project was financially subsidised by the „German Ministry of Economics and Technology“ and was also officially announced in September 2012 as a „Success Story“. “Healthcare business is one of the majorities of the city of  Bochum. Innovative companies like AirMed PLUS are exactely right locatet in this city.”, remarks Mr. Schäfer.

Axel Schäfer (MdB, right) and Birger Nispel (CEO AirMed PLUS GmbH)

Anti-Bedsore-Systems by AirMed PLUS GmbH

Anti-bedsore-systems from AirMed PLUS are designed to the results of science and technology.

Anti-Bedsore-Systems by AirMed PLUS GmbH

Great Success at AiF-Innovation Day in Berlin!

At 14th of July the CEO of AirMed PLUS GmbH, Mr. Birger Nispel, joined the chance to present the brand new ADS intelligent together with Mr. Christoph Bendel, CEO of AirMed PLUS cooperation Partner Hydrotechnic electronics GmbH. Only a hand full of companies have got the chance for this exclusive presentation of their innovation products. Visitors of the this event, which was organised by the Aif and supported of the German Ministry of Technology and Research and Development, were VIP of Germany’s Politics and Economy. In representation of Germany’s Minister of Economics, Mr. Dr. Sascha Rösler, the State Secretary of the German Minister of Economic and middle class, Mr. Ernst Burgbacher, was very interested into new innovative products, which were show at sunny weather into the tent-city of the beautiful garden of the Aif in Germany’s capitol Berlin. The ADS intelligent is the right step into the direction of good heath support and bedsore prevention and therapie – this was the meaning of all guest who have been interested into the ADS intelligent.

CEO of AirMed PLUS GmbH  Birger  talking to interested customers of ADSi

AirMed GmbH Healthcare Brokerage MEDICA 2010 at YouTube

AirMed PLUS GmbH participatd at  Healthcare Brokerage at MEDICA 2010. The company is interested in know-how transfer on a global base. The knowledge transfer is the fundament of the technological advance of AirMed PLUS GmbH. Due to this, ADS clinic was developed, which has shown its effectivness in several test and experiances. Klick here for the video-abstract of the brokerage event which is yearly organised by ZENIT GmbH.

Healthcare Brokerage MEDICA 2010

New ADS clinic has been launched!

After more than 2 years of development we showed the innovative ADS clinic anti-bedsore system at MEDICA 2010 for the first time. Several survey and research results have been put into the device concept. The ADS clinic is made for highter standard in home care sector and has been optimized for hospital use. Pressure relief test have show, that ADS clinic has passed the best pressure relief class, given by Head of German health care insurances.

For "ADS clinic" business international dealers are welcome!

ADS clinic


Dear Sirs,

I would like to welcome you to our website.AirMed PLUS GmbH, located in Bochum, North Rhine-Westphalia, is a medical device manufacturer. The core business is manufacturing high-tech patient bedding systems to avoid bed sore ulceras, like the TherOPlus® system, which is used during an operation to decrease the patient’s bearing pressure (minimising risk of bed sore ulcera, that means cost saving) AND to warm the patient (reducing time of intensive care after an operation- cost saving), or the “Airmed A6 air-loss-system” which is a special kind of air-loss system designed for paraplegic patients and patients with chronically pain – Airmed A6 air-loss-system shows proved outstanding bearing pressure relief values. AirMed PLUS GmbH is a DIN EN ISO 13485 certified company and has defined a high standard for theire niche products. As a manufacturer for medical devices, we are interested in exporting our anti-bedsore-systems to European countries. As a special advise, please take a look at our ThermOPlus® OP-system, which combines patient warming and bedsore-avoidence within one unit.

Also, we are looking for interesting products of European manufacturers or even manufacturers of foreign countries world-wide, who want to enter the German market. For sure, we can provide know-how in the medical market, qualified employees, esteemed products and an approved business organisation.

Yours sincerely,

Dipl. Ing. (FH) Birger Nispel

Birger Nispel, General Manager